As I read Yuval Noah Harari’s book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century I was thrilled to learn of the Centaurs of the chess world, human/machine partners who worked together as a team. My dreams were soon dashed as I read that the machines continued to advance rapidly, evenutally making their human counterparts irrelevant.

The Centaurs went the way of their mythological namesake and I was left wondering what we humans have to offer when our machine learning counterparts leave us in the proverbial dust.

When you ask your Google Home what time it is and she responds with, “I’m…

Yesterday I told you about Archetype One: The Consultant & the Piddler. Today I am going to tell you about the second archetype of the Enneagram beginning with its illuminated aspect, the Benefactor.

Strategy: We succeed when everyone benefits

Motivation: Creating value

Gifts: Intuiting what is needed

If the gift of the Consultant is the ability to immediately notice what is wrong, the gift of the Benefactor is the ability to immediately notice who is in need. I have heard of people who can walk into a room and say, “what’s wrong with the person in the corner?” The rest…

If you have any familiarity with the Enneagram and its 9 archetypes you likely have not encountered this naming convention. You may know the first number on the Enneagram, the One, by many names like the Good Person, the Reformer, the Perfectionist or even the Strict Perfectionist as Integrative Enneagram describes it. While these titles are all descriptive of this personality type, I have taken up the cause of renaming these types for some specific reasons which I will explain.

When I am given the opportunity to work with leaders I have noticed that some of the names typically associated…

Previously, I described the 9 Illuminated Archetypes of Leadership. I also introduced you to the 9 shadowy counterparts known as the Eclipsed Archetypes. Knowing which set you belong to will give you an unparalleled insight into your own core motivations. It will also shine a spotlight on blindspots you never knew you had.

But regardless of what your core Archetypes is, there are 3 Rogue Archetypes that you should know about. If you allow them to remain in the shadows, these are the 3 things that will continue to undermine your progress every step of the way. …

Previously I spoke about the importance of archetypal thinking in leadership. In this article I will briefly describe each of the 9 Archetypes of a Leader.

A New Language for Leaders

What I am proposing is a new language that leaders can use that accesses something that appeals to but transcends logic and emotion — that is the language of symbols and archetypes.

When leaders become fluent in this ancient but newly-envisioned way of speaking and seeing the world, they will have access to greater self-knowledge and knowledge of others. With this knowledge comes a considerable amount of authentic power.

The Rise of the Universal Superhero

Our recent Mystic Heart Wisdom School retreat was on the grounds of the Oblate Renewal Center in San Antonio. Being All Saints Day the campus was alive with activity. During one of our breaks we went to visit the studio of iconographer Fr. Clyde Rausch. The icon that captured our attention was his representation of the Resurrection. What was striking was the way the Christ figure was not ascending from the grave alone. Instead, Christ clasped the hands of Mary and Joseph, taking them with him.

Universal Resurrection

Often in similar iconography Christ is grasping the hands of Eve and Adam who…

When leaders look at a new book, program or solution to develop their leadership, they are looking for one or both of the following:

  • How to increase strength
  • How to minimize weakness

There are endless resources for both of these approaches, but there is a bigger problem here. While many leaders know their strengths intimately, they may only think they know their weaknesses. The reason for this is what is called the blindspot, which I will discuss in detail below.

A New Operating System

Another problem with most leadership resources is that they speak to the leader’s Head (logic), Heart…

The Super Chicken Study Part 1: Why Collaboration is the New Competition
The Super Chicken Study Part 2: What we’ve been taught about survival of the fittest is wrong

How can we succeed without competition?

The revolutionary thing about the Prosocial model is that by focusing on collaboration within and between groups, we actually achieve an evolutionary advantage. In fact, we would not be here if it were not for our cooperative ancestors. Remember what Wilson said, “Teamwork is baked into the genetic architecture of our minds.”

Also, remember the Super Chicken study, if we are looking solely through…

The Super Chicken Study Part 1: Why Collaboration is the New Competition

Previously we demonstrated through the Super Chicken Study, the importance of cooperation in productivity. In fact, the chickens’ very survival depended on their collective ability to cooperate with one another. Today, we will look at 8 specific ways we can build collaboration into the small groups that comprise our large-scale societies.

Large-scale society as multi-cellular organism

Our upcoming McPhee lecturer, David Sloan Wilson, makes the explicit point that without smaller groups, cooperating among themselves and cooperating with other groups, our society at large would not exist. In…

“Daddy, why are the new chickens going bald?!” was the question my daughter asked as she ran back inside the house.

“Daddy, why are the new chickens going bald?!”

My daughters had just returned from their grandmother’s, excited to go into the backyard and visit the new chickens we had integrated into our existing flock while they were gone. Our three older ladies had come with the hen house when we bought it and were great egg layers, but were also getting very old. Soon they would stop laying and we knew we needed to introduce some younger chickens if we were going to maintain egg production.


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Trained psychotherapist, spiritual director and tech entrepreneur - bringing it all together in meaningful ways. Husband/Father.

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